We all want to edit a photo at some point but might not be able to buy expensive software needed for our desire. If you are fine-tuning a photograph for your client, and you’ve got a MAC computer, don’t despair, you can still get the most of your in-built image editor, this link: https://skylum.com/blog/how-to-use-macs-built-in-image-editor  has a more detailed guide on how to use a MAC image editor.

Photos of Mac

If we use a Mac the Photos application that is included in the latest version of Mac OSX can get us out of trouble. Well, Apple usually consists of the updates compatibility for the RAW files of the latest cameras. Also, it is a non-destructive editing tool and allows you to add modules that complement your functions from the Mac App Store.

It is also possible to use the programs that manufacturers supply with cameras to edit their RAW files. These programs have very different characteristics depending on the manufacturer in question. Some allow fairly advanced editing, while others barely will enable a handful of fundamental functions. Sony, for example, provides with some of its most advanced cameras a version of Capture One, a commercial program of high quality.

As an extra ball, it is worth mentioning that those who seek to edit photos professionally on their mobile phone or tablet can use the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom for free a couple of months ago. It is quite useful to edit images captured in RAW format by Android phones that include this function. Something that also allows Snapseed, the Google app. Both are to a certain extent different and complement each other quite well.

Polar—An alternative

It has all the necessary options that can be asked of a photographic treatment program, although it does not have corrective brushes to eliminate things such as dust spots or attenuate the red-eye effect that occurs when the flash is fired. What has caught our attention is that a program like this does not allow working with files stored in the cloud.

It almost goes without saying that although all these programs allow you to work with images in the RAW format, you can also do it with Jpeg files. We must also bear in mind that if we want to edit photos taken with a camera recently released to the market, it is possible that the developers of these programs have not yet included the compatibility with the RAW files of that model.

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